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The Best of the Useful "Best Keyword Research Tools"

The Best of the Useful "Best Keyword Research Tools"

The Best of the Useful Best Keyword Research Tools

In order to form your online business a hit story, you would like to plan out your each and each step. From the choice of the proper name to the choice of right advertiser, you would like to exercise high level of professionalism. But most of the time, bloggers forget to believe keywords for his or her blogs or websites. It is not as easy as it seems as you have to think outside the box.
Keep in mind that you simply are fighting against many blogs or website to seek out the highest 10 position within the Google. So, you've got to fight with the enormous competitors which invest heavily not just over the content but over the marketing and promotion also . You cannot compete with them with a keyword which is tough to compete. Here comes the role of Keyword research. In this topic, we'll discuss the best of the useful "best keyword research tools".

Before getting to discuss various keyword research tools, let me explain two important concepts which are:

  •  Long tail keywords
  •  LSI (latent semantic indexing keywords) Keywords

Both sorts of keywords are literally consisting of quite one phrase which is said to the most keywords. As the giant competitors are working hard for the most keyword, you can't fight with them over the most keyword. Instead, you discover related keywords that only a few or no body is functioning to urge ranking. The end result's such you climb to the highest position in Google during a very short span of your time and with bit of link building.

The Best of the Useful Best Keyword Research Tools

Best of the Useful "Best keyword research tools"

Google Keyword Planner

It is a part of Google Adwords and is basically a tool for advertisers. But, it is equally good for SEO Experts or seasoned SEO professional. Once login, you'll enter your required keywords to seek out the related and LSI keywords. The best thing is that you simply can filter the results by language, location and negative keywords. The important thing to say here is that you simply also can enter your competitor’s URL to understand where they rank for related keywords. That is why it's assumed to be the foremost effective tool for keyword research and competitor analysis. From this tool, you'll judge the target , strategies and their resources which you are doing not have.
The disadvantage with Google Keyword Planner is that as almost every blogger use it, its power has diminished. That is why; people use other tools to seek out LSI and long tail keywords. Neil Patel like Pro Bloggers also suggesting Google Keyword Planner.

Long Tail Pro Premium Version

This is the foremost easy yet best tool I even have ever used for keyword research. The interface is quite simple. It identifies keywords which Google Keyword Planner hardly finds. Once you open the LTP, you need to give access to your Google account by providing user name and password. There is an option where you'll set the amount of words during a keyword results. Not just that you simply can limit the result by country and number of searches per month. LTP easily display up to 800 keywords per seed which may be a big amount which other competitor products hardly touches. The main problem with this tool is that the speed of checking out keywords is sort of slow and for a complicated user, this is often quite disturbing as he or she has very limited amount of time and he or she has to wait longer for the list of keywords to load.

SEMRush Premium

SEMRush is another useful best keyword research tool. What makes this tool best useful tool is that it also allows you to trace your competitor’s ranking for keywords. This helps you to understanding the keywords which are giving traffic to your competitors. You can also target these keywords to boost your blogs’ traffic and earning. The problem with SEMRush is that you simply want to buy after end of 30 days trail period which each user can't afford. SEMRush is one among the mostly used tools in keyword research tool industry. I have never met an individual who has been involved in keyword research tool and has not worked with SEMRush ever. That is why; it should be the most weapon in keyword analysis.


Jaaxy, though a really new name within the best useful keyword research tools, has gained reputation during a very short span of your time . The lovely thing is that it doesn't depend upon Google Keyword Planner and has its own sets of metrics to locate the keywords which are difficult to spot with other tools. Jaaxy may be a premium tool but you'll try the free version so as to guage its effectiveness and efficiency. Jaaxy shows result with information like quoted search result (QSR), Keyword Quality Indicator KQI and SEO score. A SEO score almost the 100 means the keyword is simpler to rank within the search engines.


It is another useful gizmo for users who cannot afford to pay the worth for keyword research. This free tool allows you to try to to keyword analysis using data from Google, Yahoo, Bing and apple app store. Actually, it works totally on Google’s auto complete and ubersuggest’s letter adding features which other tools don't . In order to understand about search volume, competition and CPC, you've got to travel for premium version. Most of the users, however, don't need these sorts of data to figure out an idea . So, a free version will suffice their need and demand.


It is also a best weapon in keyword research tools because it is sort of simple to use. You just got to enter your keyword, language and therefore the target country and KWFinder quickly comes up with the long tail keyword list with the score. You can also judge the interest among the people about the keyword as this tool shows an interest over time graph from 2004 to till date. This helps greatly for future planning and keyword analysis within the end of the day .

I am hopeful that you simply have liked our today’s post the best of the useful best keyword research tool. Stay tuned for latest posts from the Videoonz! blog.

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